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Corpusses & Fronts


The furniture parts are delivered packed loose

Corpus thickness 19 mm
Back wall 8 mm butted or grooved in (16 mm air with grooved in selection)

Front air to be selected
Hole line drilling 3 or 5 mm in the 32 mm grid
– up to length 1000 mm from lower edge of corpus
starting at centre drill hole at 150 mm / from 1001 mm                                  starting at 250 mm

Fitting drilling:

  • if fittings are ordered, all drillings are present for the fittings
  • if no fittings are ordered , no fitting drillings are made for fittings
  • if only fitting drillings are selected, only fitting drillings for fittings are made

Strip division:
Concealed hinge indentation of bottom and top 80 mm, remaining hinges divided up.

  • up to corpus height 1000 mm – 2 hinges
  • up to corpus height 2000 mm – 3 hinges
  • up to corpus height 2400 mm – 4 hinges

Exposed edges are glued with a 2 mm ABS edge, all other edges are optionally available with a 0,8 mm ABS edge.

Veneered boards (real wood surface) are not delivered ready to be varnished, these still have to be sanded beforehand (edges protrude slightly).

Dowels and fitting parts are supplied loose in a separate package.

In the case of orders with drawers, these are sent as a separate delivery.


  • Concealed hinges with steamed design
  • Door hinge damper (drilled-in cushions)
  • Slides with full pull-out
  • Minifix cupboard connector
  • Pedestal feet to screw in
  • Up and over lift system
  • Pharmacy front pull-out, full pull-out with self-closing and damping
  • Le Mans corner swivel fitting

wardrobe configurator

Customized carpenter quality, produced within three days.


All dimensions, Details & Fronts

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Express decors

Stock list 8, 19 und 25 mm

Delivery time 5 days
Express program

Delivery time 6-7 days
Egger warehouse collection 8, 19 und 25 mm
Kaindl warehouse collection 8, 19 und 25 mm
Fundermax warehouse collection 8, 19 und 25 mm
Pfleiderer 8, 19 und 25 mm
Krono 8, 19 und 25 mm

Other fronts in addition to decor

Real wood fronts

Kaindl 19 mm thick, 2 mm PU edge, veneered on both sides

Oak rustic FU
Knotty oak FU
Ash-tree FU
Beech FU
Maple FU
Alder FU
Oak waste wood FU
Spruce waste wood FU
American walnut FU
Oak smoked
Buliding Beech 3S

Perfect sense matt

Premium white

W1000 PM

Creme beige

U222 PM

Cashmere grey

U702 PM

Light grey

U708 PM

Stone grey

U727 PM

Dust grey

U732 PM

Perfect sense gloss

Premium white

W1000 PM

Alabaster white

U104 PG

Pearl grey

U763 PG


U999 PG

Acrylic high-gloss fronts

TZ, 19 mm thick, edges pulled over corner, both sides high-gloss

Acryl matt


TecnoGlas HGS 1982


TecnoGlas HGS 2801

Off White

TecnoGlas HGS 2802


TecnoGlas MAT 3101


TecnoGlas MAT 3103

deep glass (DGL)


TecnoGlas DGL 2031


TecnoGlas DGL 2032

White Smoke

TecnoGlas DGL 2033


TecnoGlas DGL 2036


TecnoGlas DGL 2035

Control panel
Cover panel oak fully solid, brushed and varnished, Drawer in oak brushed and varnished, Stollen MDF black, incl. 32 inch touch panel and Intel Computer Stick, Cut-out touch panel 760/460 
Dimensions: 1500 x 1120 x 700 (W / H / D)

CABINET                                                                                                                                                  Corner cabinet: stollen/cover panel U963 25 mm, Front oak veneered, brushed, and varnished “Sandblast glaze” Cabinet interior U963, Interior furnishings according to Nothegger Handle iron-coloured matt drummed, Dimensions: 1550 x 1800 x 540 mm (W / H / D), Sliding door cabinet: Stollen H1145 ST10 25 mm, Front decor Egger W1000 PM, Cabinet interior W980 SM, Interior furnishings according to Nothegger, Handle stainless steel finely ground,                                                      Dimensions: 1824 x 2325 x 600 mm (W / H / D)

Corpus in material decor from stock 19 mm, backboard 8mm grooved, pedestal all around in decor 19 mm, cover plate in solid rustic oak, left part with 1 pcs. type IL 0 in oak lacquered plus 1 pcs. waste pull-out in oak with 1 pcs. 15 Liter with cap – 1 pcs. 15 Liter and 1 pcs. 19 Liter plastic containers, right part with 1 pcs. type B drawer in oak incl. solid cutlery- knifeholder insert, 1 pcs. type B in oak incl. underpart Sortissimo Fast Line, 1 pcs. type B drawer in oak, 1 pcs. type EH drawer in beech with Reling, drawers with fully steam. Full pull out.                                                                                                Dimensions: 1420 x 920 x 600 (W / H / D)

Module 920 combined with back panel in MDF (Colour: black steel), 13 different solid wood drawers, On the right side 4 new additions: Design front, glass cut-out, slim white and the drawer in oak old style, Whole module back-lit with LED                                                                                                                      Dimensions: 2300x1800x620 mm (W / H / D)


Contained in the sample case: Sortissimo variants, Slim white, Design front, Sample compartments, Roller shutter mats, Cutlery insert, Anti-slip mat and leather floor
Dimensions: 545 x 200 x 500 mm (W / H / D)


Excellently trained employees and a highly modern, computer-based machine park offer you top quality panel cutting and corpus production.

All orders are optimised before processing in order to be able to calculate the material input as accuracy as possible. All materials are machined with diamond tools, which guarantees a high degree of accurcy.We attach normal edges made of melamine, ABS and film edges to veneer edges and to solid wood edges by means of PU gluing.

As an option, the edges can be attached using Air Tec “zero joint”.            With or without fittings, perfectly packed on palettes, your cut boards will be sent within a few working days. An extremely wide variety of corpus types can be configured and orderd by you on our web shop with just a few mouse clicks. As an entry aid for cut boards individual items can be entered in the order form and then read in for optimising and pricing.

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