When you visit this website, the website operator my collect personal data from you either (1) if you are asked to provide this data (directly) when booking, making inquiries and registering for the newsletter, or 2. When you surf (indirectly). However, the website operator will only use this data for the purposes set our in the present data protection provisions and undertakes to maintain confidentiality and protection of the personal data collected in this way. This data protection declaration describes the purposes of data processing with regard to this website, the cooperation with third-party providers, the use of cookies and how you can protect your rights with regard to your personal data. The website operator collects, stores, processes and uses information about customers and visitors to his website for the perfomance of his business activities, in order to inform you about those products / discounts and services, to offer them accordingly and create wweb statistics. The information you provide to us will be used to contact you, if necessary, with your consent, e.g. to notify you about changes in the function of this website or to offer your services that could be usefol to you. The website operator explains below which data is collected and how it is recorded.

Scope and applicability

Nothegger Massiv GmbH in St. Ulrich am Pillersee (Strass 89) Austria; ATU77326234, hereinafter referred to as “the website operator” owns and operates this website and the following pages: &
This data protection guideline stipulates that all information that you provide to the website operator when using this website may be used by the website operator to optimize the website and its offers. This Privacy Policy applies in conjunction with the Website Terms of Use.                                                                 The website operator reserves the right to change this data protection guideline at any time without prior notice. Only the current data protection declaration applies.


The data collected by the website are stored at The data is stored there for a period of 5 years. Security saves are made twice a week.

Data Saving

While you are using the website operator collects certain data from you an uses it for various pruposes. The type of data from you and uses it for carious pruposes. The type of data collected and how it is used by the website operator depends on the data in question. this data protection declaration distinguishes between the following categories of data:

Anonymous data
Log data
Personal data

You can find more detailed information about which data is stored under data collection.


Website data
According to the new GDPR (=General Data Protection Regulation) you are entitled to receive information about the data collected from you, to obtain a correction, to request a deletion, to object and to request the right to restricted processing. We take your concerns very seriously. If you would like to claim one of the above rights, please register at:
+43 5354 88229