Cutlery inserts

The partition systems are special order-keepers in different variants. Made of wood for standard drawers with side connection for metal drawers or firmly installed into the drawer and can be adjusted very easily with plastic brackets. The partitions are available in 2 heights (52 and 92 mm).

Sortissimo Individual

Send us a sketch of your individual division.

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Smoked oak, birch, maple, cherry, cedar, ash, alder, oak, walnut american, mahogany, spruce old, white beech, beech, pine, larch, spruce, elm, oak old style


/ raw
/ varnished (standard) – single-component varnish, semigloss 
/ oiled/waxed – twice with wax oil 
/ white oiled


Additional width possible up to 900 mm (surcharge special form)


Var. 1 straight – standard
Divider inserts with straight side connection 
8 mm side thickness 
Surface varnished
Can be ordered online!

Var. 2 side rabbet
Divider insert with side connection for the metal drawers 
Height of the side part is 52 mm
Height of the divider is 50 mm
Without floor

Var. 3 FIX
Divider inserts mounted in wood drawer 
Simply select type
Design without floor 
Without additional frame2

If the insert is to be put into an existing drawer or box, you must subtract the side thickness etc. from the existing drawer/box for the insert to fit into the drawer.